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Z+F has a complete line of laser scanners. This fifty year old German Company is the world leader in scanner quality, accuracy and of course durability. AeroGeo is the exclusive Z+F dealer in Canada. The German-made Z+F scanners are world renowned for their quality, accuracy and durability. In fact, for many years they produced scanners for Leica. The Z+F 5016 flagship model can capture over one million points per second and has an in-built HDR camera. Precise measurements can be taken from the Z+F registered images with free software, and the HDR imagery can be used to colorize the final point cloud data. Point clouds from different positions can be registered within 1-2 mm. The 5016 also utilizes inbuilt GPS and IMU with a tablet interface making on-the-go registration a breeze. Call for any Laser-related questions. Please call with any questions regarding Hardware, Specifications or other topics.


AeroGeo has been awarded contracts with a number of large construction companies in the first few weeks of 2018. The speed and accuracy of laser scanning is not only revolutionizing the way many things are measured, but is also creating opportunities to imagine and build in ways which have not yet been done. AeroGeo's newest Z F scanner captures over a million points per second with mm accuracy and has an in-built 80mp colour HDR camera. The resulting point cloud can then be colourized and modelled in 3D. We then export the data to Revit/CAD or other popular programs depending on client preferences. Yes, the future is here.


AeroGeo continues to innovate and assess the growing capabilities of UAV (drone) hardware and software. Aero has had a standing SFOC from Transport Canada for several years and has been busy flying province wide. We produce stunning ortho photo, accurate ground surfaces (DTM – Digital Terrain Models) and calculate volumes from this data. We have found that accurate ground control is an absolute necessity if you want to produce reliable data. The AeroGeo survey team has decades of experience and uses state-of-the-art GPS equipment. For drone surveys, targeting for aerial photo or other GPS-related enquires, please call for a more than competitive quote and know that you can count on our reputation and our more than 40 years in business.



Did you know that you can sync your surface coordinates with your underground shafts and tunneling? AeroGeo has recently completed underground surveys and scanning for Providence Gold in California. The geologists and management were amazed at the detailed structure and vein clarity from the laser scanning. They were impressed in respect to how easily all of these features could be seen and that they could even extrapolate where veins existed and where lost in the 100 year old workings. Another benefit of the high resolution scanning and surveying was that they could now drill from surface and be confident of intercepting underground targets which they had identified as significant. Please see our article in the Feb/March 2018 issue of ResouceWorldMagazine (Pages 52 / 53).

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